God in the Trenches ¯ Larkin Spivey

God in the Trenches ¯ Larkin Spivey

"Freedom and fear, justice and cruelty, have always been at war. We know that God is not neutral between them."
George W. Bush President, United States of America, September 20, 2001

Is God on our side? Is it possible a providential hand intervened at critical junctures during America's wars? Is freedom important to the Almighty? Larkin Spivey, a decorated Marine Corps officer and respected military professor, believes so.

In God In The Trenches, Spivey shows when the nation's survival seemed uncertain, even doubtful, fate seemed to turn America's way, giving way to mysterious-if not miraculous-events. These events altered the course of history, leading to victory for the American military and enduring freedom for America's citizens.

Spivey's gripping accounts, backed up by credible historical evidence, will show you how:
• An unopened note changed the course of the Revolutionary War
• A phantom attack caused George Washington to win a decisive battle
• The "unluckiest" incident in wartime history led to freedom for millions.
• "Random" events in the Pacific gave a small American carrier fleet victory.
• A U-2 spy plane and the death of a pilot saved the world from nuclear holocaust.

Whether these events were miracles, or just plain mysteries, Spivey leaves no doubt that the history of the United States was swayed many times by a hidden hand. Will the hand of providence help America once again?